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Should I have a Receiving Line? Wedding Reception Tips & Etiquette


The Traditions and Etiquette for your wedding will sometimes be informed by your culture or sometimes just by what you want - you are the star of course! However, there are a few things to keep in mind when planning your wedding, for both the ceremony and your reception. When it comes to the ceremony, read our other blog on Wedding Ceremony Traditions & Etiquette. For the reception, we will be covering the answers to the questions most frequently asked by brides today and tomorrow. Keep these in mind when planning your reception!

Receiving Line
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Receiving Line: To have or not to have; that is the question!

This is usually decided by the number of guests you are having at your wedding. If you have less than 100 guests, we would suggest you have a receiving line. However, anything more than 100 guests could see not only you but also your guests waiting quite some time to be received. If this is you, our suggestion is that you and your groom go around to each table throughout dinner service with your photographer, thank your guests for attending and have the photographer capture a group photo of each table.

Speeches: Know Your Audience

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Speeches are actually the scariest part of the day for many couples. Depending on who is giving the speech it could be disastrous; that is why it is very important that you choose who will be giving the speech and make it clear that the stories you may find funny with your friends may not be funny to Grandma Sophie. Consider asking someone you trust to keep an eye on the liquor intake of your speech maker...this simple precaution could minimize some embarrassing moments!

Generally you should not have more than 5 speeches at your reception. They should include:

  1. a speech by the maid/matron of honour;

  2. the best man;

  3. the parents of the Bride;

  4. the parents of the Groom; and

  5. you and your new husband as the Bride and Groom.

Try to keep the speeches brief, i.e. no more than 5 minutes. This is more than enough time for your friends and family to provide a small story and congratulate the two of you as you begin your life together. Also, keep in mind that opening the podium to well wishers can take on a life of its own and you can wind up listening to speeches for over an hour! A little hint: no one wants that.

Check back tomorrow when we answer more of your reception questions! Happy planning

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